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Lake Nichols is a private, family owned 350 acre lake hosting some of South Georgia's finest natural habitat...where bald eagles, osprey, ibis, wood storks, alligators, snakes, foxes, and more are found.  The lake is fed by the Little Creek, which has a 16,000 acre watershed.  Locally, Lake Nichols is most known for its fishing for largemouth bass, catfish, speckled perch, bream, and bluegill. Now, Lake Nichols is available to visit in several ways.



In the 1830's, the Adams brothers bought this natural pond formed by the Little Creek after they discovered it on a scouting expedition. They added a dam and built a grist mill, cotton gin, and turpentine plant powered by the water flow.  Soon the Morre community, mostly Adams' workers, was formed.  In 1916, the Adams sold to a Mr. Melton who sold in 1944 to T. Frank Nichols.  The milling operations had discontinued, but Mr. Nichols continued to supply the community with fish. In the 1960s after lots of clearing, the lake hosted skiing and other recreational activities for several years.  After returning to exclusively fishing, 13 catfish ponds were formed in the 1970s in the northeast corner to supply a local plant.  Through this time, fishing, duck hunting, and love of nature have remained the focus of the Nichols family.

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Fishing memberships are limited to ensure the best fishing experience possible.  Membership is full, but please call if you’d like to be added to the standby list.  Usually, a few spots open up each year. 


The fishing season is February 1st through October 31st and any day of the week – sun up to sundown.  Each member can bring his boat and guests in that boat. The fee is $1,500 and due before the season starts. 

Ducks are hunted in the winter by a private group.

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